What does holding space actually mean?

Holding space is the art of being present with others. By holding space for someone we are facilitating, and guiding by offering gentle, non-judgemental & unconditional support, and following their lead on whatever journey they’re on without an intention to fix or change, but allowing the outcome to “just be”.

When holding space during a craniosacral treatment, we are sensing and “listening” to the client’s craniosacral pulse and tidal rhythms and holding space for those rhythms to move into a deep sense of inner stillness and balance. The biodynamic approach is a whole-body approach that involves helping clients re-establish their own balanced rhythm. This allows the body’s own regenerative powers to heal and support on-going maintenance of health. Healing comes from within the client, rather than from the practitioner. BCST allows space and stillness for issues to simply be and have room to reorganize and shift naturally.

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